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Our Results Speak for Themselves.

Centennial Park Place is a new subdivision behind Centinnial Park on the West Side of Springfield.  There were about 15 newly-built houses there when the storm hit on Sunday, March 12, 2006.  Our company had only roofed 2 houses in this area.  Of the 15 houses, only three sustained NO DAMAGE from the storm.  2 of the 3 were roofed by Baker Roofing.  That we know of, none of our houses lost a shingle during the storm.


Our roof, 5616 Legacy






The roof next door. 




How can this happen?

It is easy to explain, really.  The actual shingles are the same, but they are applied differently.  Most shingles are nailed higher, where the shingle is only one layer thick, and with less attention to how the nail is laid down.  Did it shoot through the shingle?  Is it all the way down flush with the shingle?  We also use more nails per shingle than the average roofer.  Spending the extra money on nails is well worth it in the long run.  Another difference in these two roofs is the attention payed to the valleys, or the areas between roof surfaces.  We always use metal in the valleys, and we put enough overlapping of the shingles in the valleys to reach as far back into the area as possible.